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A Rewarding Journey

M/S, founded in 2001, based in Bangladesh, grew up over the years, as a Group of Companies and diversified its business, in Railway Construction including manufacturing of Track Fittings, Infrastructure Development, Power Generation and developing infrastructure in Power Sector and manufacturing and trading of consumer products, to date. In the developing economies of Bangladesh. M/S is engaged in improving performance, in playing the role of strong local partner, in driving industrialization; in creating markets, opportunities and sustainable growth and value for all stakeholders. We ensure quality, safety and timeliness. Today M/S is known in the local market the most reputed, trusted and fast growing group in Bangladesh.
ms rahman enterprise About Us

Leading the way

We foster green development. Our target is success for all, through discipline, hard work and integrity. Sharing values with the employees and the society is a motto with us. We recruit, from the local and international markets, the professionals, the experts and the skilled workers.


If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.


To create value for our clients, business partners, stakeholders and shareholders.

Accolades & Awards

  • ISO 9001:2000 Certification
  • International Quality and Excellence Award, USA-1999
  • International Star Award for Quality, Madrid, Spain-2001
  • SME Industries Fair best Award for Steel Industries-2004
  • Arthokantha Best Business Award-2004
  • Desher Khabar Business Award for best enterprise of the year-2007
  • Corporate Client Golden Award, UCBL -2012
  • Best Corporate Client Golden Award, UCBL-2013
  • Special Prize for local participant Primer Pavilion DITF-2014


MS RAHMAN ENTERPRISE has been awarded ‘Best Corporate Client Golden Award’ for consecutive two years from one of the leading local banks in Bangladesh. M/S is the most reliable borrower for all the banks and financial institution it works with.



Rather than asking “We love to ask Where are we not?” You will find our footsteps almost every location in Bangladesh.

Rather than asking “We love to ask Where are we not?” You will find our footsteps almost every location in Bangladesh.

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